Road Rage

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Description :

You're a pug with a truck and a bad temper. The only thing in the way of making your deliveries is traffic. Lots and lots of traffic! What's an angry pug gonna do? Smash through EVERYTHING!

Control :

Use the LEFT and RIGHT buttons to change lanes. Smash into cars in the correct color combinations to increase the fuel in your tank. Correct combos give you more fuel. Get 3 successful combos in a row

Tips :

If you don't have 100 donuts make sure to steer clear of the cops. Otherwise it's GAME OVER even on the first hit! If you mess up a combo the other two sets of colored cars will still appear but you n

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Color Swap clicks49
Road Rage clicks45
Blop clicks32
CraneItUp clicks31
Dot clicks31
Rotare clicks31
Flip Cube clicks30
Zero clicks30
Stack Jump clicks29